Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cryptids - The Seven Sisters of Sleep

This one comes from Ian. Check it out.

I make psychedelic drone noise as Cryptids, this is a cd-r I put out last year called "The Seven Sisters of Sleep". Weirdo Records' review of it is "Guitar player from Ohio's Puffy Areolas in his gnosis-thru-drone-overload solo project. A bit of kraut bass pops up in the first half courtesy of a pal named Bob, but 2nd half is one big cuddly pile of organ, pedals & vocals that gets cruddier & cruddier as it lifts off. Comes packaged in what I can only describe as a native american cloth pouch. Tracklisting: Tuareg Nosebleed, The Seven Sisters of Sleep." Some stoner listening to it said it was his favorite Acid Mothers Temple album. Hope you dig it, there's links to some other stuff on my label site (

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