Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dream Colour

Another excellent reader submission.

"Dreamcolour reflects a collective of musicians from Ventura County, California. The concept is to heal and lift the spirits and souls of human beings from all walks of life, with the fiery expression of collective free improvisation. We aim to bring back the trance-inducing vibrations, frequencies and rhythms used by the ancient shamans and spiritual healers of the past, but also to experiment with and incorporate the scientific advances of the present and future, relating music as a direct pathway to the human spirit and as a healing force in the universe."
-From The Band Website

Alex from the band offered us a download of their new self released cassette: :,

password is: listentocolour.

If you want a copy of this tape, or to check out their other releases, go to the band website ( or tomentosa ( who will be distro-ing.

Finally, look for an upcoming cassette release on Not Not Fun.