Sunday, April 12, 2009

Field Of Dreams - The Ultimate Nullifier

"The Ultimate Nullifier has been described as "the universe's most devastating weapon." As such, the Ultimate Nullifier has the ability to completely eliminate any target the wielder chooses, along with the user if his or her mind is not focused enough.In the hands of a being with an extremely powerful mind the Ultimate Nullifier can destroy (or in conjunction recreate) entire time-lines from beginning to end."

Side 1:

Dark, industrial drones and electronic subtleties give way to spaced out guitar meanderings over pulsing synths, which eventually culminate in an intense call and response battle over top of an altered beat,
Side 2:

Warm, fuzz-laden guitar drones over droning synths and glitched vocal effects give way to several guitars overdubbed with arpeggio synth lines over an effected sort of break beat. This is all pretense for a full psychedelic, free form avant jam between drummer, bassist, two guitars and a synth

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