Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free Music: 84001

Reader band here. I listened to We Look For Things To Make Us Go. Definitely recommend it. Beautiful, drifty drone ambience of a very instrument based nature. Check out their albums, then check out their site and go see 'em live if you can.

We Look for Things to Make Us Go: 2007 CD-r

I created this CD-r before I met Jimmy. It was recorded from September to December 2006. I finally got around to distributing it in June 2007. Honestly, I can't remember who I sent copies too or how many I actually made.


The Search For Incandescent Glaciers: 2008 CD-r

Jimmy and I started playing together in December 2007, after he watched me play solo at Buzz and Click V. This was our first "proper" recording. We gave a few of these away as CD-rs at shows throughout the spring.



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