Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Music: Human Resources

A good old Brooklyn dude. Dreamy loops and glitchy bed room pop.

Human Resources - Three Days Cd-R

Made in a series of 50 polaroid photos, painted over with silver acrylic and gesso.

Recorded over three days in January 2009.

Recorded over two months in winter, 2009.

Made in a series of 25, screenprint on CD and envelope, original drawing by Karen Aragon.

More links on the myspace. Check it out.


leigh said...

thanks for this. do you have the track order?

Human said...

the new one is:

05 - sea of distraction.mp3
04 - scorn on the beach.mp3
03 - inevitable tumor man.mp3
02 - dogs die young.mp3
01 - get enough.mp3

the older one is plastic. i like this version:

never newman 2:06
yellow card 0:55
job application number 9 2:13
insurance 1:12
french fuck 3:02
park hours 2:18
past episode 0:55
complications with myself 1:51
acquaintance 3:02
vouyer intelligence prick 1:19
ones who go home 3:55
lullaby for karen-02 1:43

littlethings said...

this is a great great great wonderful place