At a time when a lot of bands are "progressing" by roughly slapping together disparate hodgepodges of sound to create "new" genres, it's always a breath of fresh air when you hear something that is immediately unique without the contrived heavy-handedness wrought of over-thinking. Doing two minutes of synth fuzz before you drop into a textbook indie-pop track or making a 3 minute drone song isn't a sure-fire way to start blowing minds, am I right?

TONSTARTSSBANDHT (don't worry, you will know how to say it after the first 30 seconds or so) is unique in this regard because none of it comes off as trying to be "anti-genre", yet it totally is and remains pretty damn good music all the while. It's got pop, lo-fi, psych jams and a host of other not so easily identifiable moods running throughout. The two most definable aspects, the vocal harmonies and damaged drums are also the two best parts of it, especially the drumming which is guilty of some serious chops combined with fresh and summer ready beats.

Within this CDR you will find soaring guitars, blissful voice crescendos and effected beats encapsulated in concise pop diddies that all work somehow, with a little bit of something for all your various musically inclined friends ('cept maybe black metal). It's always frustrating when a band spreads themself to thin, but when they find that perfect niche you are in for a good surprise. Check out this album, but don't act surprised. Definitely one of my favorite summer jams thus far.

While you are at it, stop by DOES ARE's myspace page at:

The label is comprised of the extended family of recently recognized Florida psych-jammers NASA. They are carrying TONSTARTSSBANDHT's output, putting out old and not so old NASA jams and several of the projects between members, across families and without borders it seems. I have some of the tapes in front of me right now. Great quality with that DIY aesthetic. These are the type of guys out there sharing their music, doing it all for the love, so check them out and support their stuff if you like it/can.

Also, in the family is:

Very similar stuff with many more options. Funky psych rocking pop and super stoned music for late nights. I haven't heard all of it, but the Bladestoner tape is not to be missed. Lots of links to sold out releases, too.


M3831 said…
Thanks a lot for this blog man. I have listened to the latest couple records and am really enjoying myself. The Tonstartssbandht is really aces! Keep up the good work spreading radness and making the world funner.

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