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Megabats - In/Out (Debacle Records, 2009)

A psych duo from Washington. Two brahs figuring shit out. We get to hear them figuring it out in real-time on In/Out.

If you check out your myspace, you see some props given to Peaking Lights and the Fuck Buttons, both of whose influence you will quickly hear. Simply put, you get the sweet lulling psychedelic harmony of the former and the driving percussion of the latter. The album works well as a whole because it seamlessly flows around driving noise, psychedelic melodies and sweeping drone-scapes, never an easy task to combine.

The album starts off with a two fuzzed out, complimentary synths, exploring small changes in notes and tone, but mostly just droning out into infinity. Battleground Sky is where it really picks up (perfect song name, too). Lower end synth pads lay down a rhythm while a fuzzed our higher end synth weaves in and out of it. Meanwhile a slow but persistent drum beat builds, pushing the song further. At some point or another they all peak in gentle ecsta…

Moonflare - All The World Is Bright With Joy And Magical Delight (Cubic Pyramid, 2009)

Moonflare is a soul trance artist reigning from I can only assume are the golden coasts of Portugal (Lisbon is on the coast, right?). This release is his first for new label cubic pyramid, just beginning it's journey into the foray of international neo-psychedelia. The world is bright indeed.

This CDR starts with a funky drum beat, echoing in and out like it was recorded in a tunnel. A repetitious guitar rift, moaning voices and oscillating synth fuzz burst through it, almost like you were listening to a Can song. It moves upwards, blissfully through a load of tremolo and sparkling synths until the drums and the bottom drop out. Those pretty synth lines soon become death drone dirges and the fog of heavy electronics is cut only by wailing voices and sharp, discordant guitar notes. The behemoth pushes on slowly before it ends with no light in sight.

The second song, an epilogue of sorts, is a different beast. A lonely, effected guitar plays bar room, solitary desert blues o…

84001/Ancient Ocean Split LP

I first heard 84001's instrumental brand of ambient beatification when this blog was first opened up to reader submissions and they became one of my most liked finds as a result of starting said blog. Needless to say, a beautiful split LP from them and other cosmic explorers Ancient Ocean was more than welcome.

84001 work as a live instrumental duo, creating (gulp) soundscapes and ambient textures through a combination of guitar interplay, synth drones and various electronics. This track also features a viola, drums and some percussion, creating new dimensions in sound travel. The side long track starts in familiar territory, with soft guitar interplay awash in warm fuzz tones. The viola adds extra texture, remaining minimal, but also enveloping in how all the instruments solely combine to create a single thrust of sound while understated drumming pushes it forward.

As the track slowly melts into feedback, electronic sound waves and walls of subtly shifting synth drone push o…

Carl Holmes - The Occult Establishment

1. Cellophane Lung
2. Mar Kardad
3. Of Bird
4. Eight Pointed Star
5. To See How You Are Made
6. Pahndy

If the "Occult" for some reason shed it's earthy image and found itself buried inside of an electronics switch board this would be the soundtrack. Although, the original meaning of the occult, before suburban teens were wearing fake fangs and hanging out at Hot Topic, was that the truth is often hidden in plain view. This paradox is what lies at the heart of this CD-R. We must look past the obvious to see what lies behind it.

The main thrust of the CD-R is uptempo, pulsating drones. Straying from the typical formula of electronic noise albums, The Occult Establishment doesn't go off the deep end with abrasive, dark sounds. The pulsating drones, while being somewhat intense in their tempo, are serene in their repetition. Eventually, you will get hit with a blast of screaming high pitches or or deep-end oscillations of the theme, but for the most part, the song…

Mark Bradley - Absolution

Mark Bradley is a solo performer working in the medium of ambient/drone soundscapes. While his work is reminiscent of other experimental artists who express intangible emotional zones with their work he avoids the bombast of heavy layers, field recordings, arpeggios and sometimes heavy low end for a very minimal combination of what seems to be only synthesizers here.

The album starts out with minimal synths and eerily drifts. It has a very contemplative mood to it, as it slowly drones subtly through your head space. The second track comes through with a darker mood to it. The best way I could describe it is as being very alienish. It literally seems to hover around and searching and foraging the darkness for signs of life.

The second two tracks of this CDR go longer format. The third grows out of a similar drone as the second, shorter piece. This part of the album lulls heavily, presenting a somber mood. What sound like cathedral organs spiral in and out of each other in beau…


DOESARE is a relatively new label centered around releasing jams from Florida-bred psych jammers NASA, but more so as a creative extension of the band members side projects, recordings with family members and if I'm not mistaken some friends, too. Right now, the biggest projects seem based around releasing older NASA jams and the brother-duo TONSTARTSBANDHT. There small but perpetually expanding ouvre is a milieu of psychedelic jam sessions, stoner boogies and concise, avant-pop romps. Definitely a group to keep up with as they expand. Check further down the page for the TONSTARTSBANDHT full lengther, An When (it's real good), for a download of that and more info on the label. Onto what's happening now:

"Here's some new boy ecstacy pop. Taking a break from old hat, Tonstartssbandht pass the time with some pop loop experiments. This tape's about freeing dæmons, connecting with everything, bumping the ganz toll, doubling your self and predicting the weathe…

Deep Magic - Balance c20 (2009)

Deep Magic is the solo project of Alex Gray, the every instrument he can get his hands on-ist of left coast psychedelic/spiritual/jazz/improv collective Dream Colour. This will be the first upcoming release of his (which he has graciously allowed me to share) and no doubt points to a bright future path of a talented artist from a very promising musician's collective.

The ethos of this tape is not far off from Alex's other work; it is most definitely a nod to the cosmos and the intangible kind of "spiritual" ether around us. However, the means of achieving it are much different. Whereas Dream Colour often gets to these ends through communal improvisation, slow crescendos and the often cacophonous blending of horn skronks, tribal percussion and instrument call and response, Deep Magic plows its way to inner harmony with more minimal soundscapes and deep, lulling introspection.

The first side of this c20 starts off somewhere between an organ and a computer, slowly b…