84001/Ancient Ocean Split LP

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I first heard 84001's instrumental brand of ambient beatification when this blog was first opened up to reader submissions and they became one of my most liked finds as a result of starting said blog. Needless to say, a beautiful split LP from them and other cosmic explorers Ancient Ocean was more than welcome.

84001 work as a live instrumental duo, creating (gulp) soundscapes and ambient textures through a combination of guitar interplay, synth drones and various electronics. This track also features a viola, drums and some percussion, creating new dimensions in sound travel. The side long track starts in familiar territory, with soft guitar interplay awash in warm fuzz tones. The viola adds extra texture, remaining minimal, but also enveloping in how all the instruments solely combine to create a single thrust of sound while understated drumming pushes it forward.

As the track slowly melts into feedback, electronic sound waves and walls of subtly shifting synth drone push out the more classical ambient aura into a denser and less comfortable zone of listening. Not simply for a washout effect, the electronic half of this piece coexists as a separate dismension. It knocks you out of the pleasant music coma the first half induces, but also continues past that, surrounding you with paranoid alien synth sounds, perhaps pushing the contemplative part of the music into the eerie, more cosmic spaces in between notes.

This is a really beautiful piece. It has so many sounds; minimalist instrument interplay, classical ambient textures, throbbing percussion, heavier synth drones, electronic feedback and an almost post-rock air of ethereality, but in all it is it's own sound that works wonderfully. If it exists as a study between light and heavy, then it works perfectly.

There's usually someone in your town exploring the limits of space and music. If you're in Nashville, you got 84001.

Recorded and mixed by Brandon Bell at Minutae Studios in Nashville, TN
84001 is:
Timory Carey: Guitars, Keyboards, Electronics
Jimmy Thorn: Guitars, Keyboards, Electronics
Additional Musicians:
Casey Eagan: Viola
Brandon Bell: Drums, Percussion

84001 would love for you to hear this, but until it's sold-out there won't be a download. The vinyl itself is a beautiful slab of colored wax that I'm assuming these guys did all on their own. As much as a tight-wad as I am, I can confidently say it's worth the purchase. However, if you miss it or somehow cant' afford it, check back later for a link.


Of course, it would be amiss for me not to mention Ancient Ocean, who complete the split. Actually, they start it. A mix of retro psychedelia pop, combined with haunting vocals, moments of big band free cacophony and blissful space rock jamming, all mixed up into three good time pop tracks. It sets you up perfectly for the space travel on side B. All the more reason to get this.


timtamtastic said…
thanks grav for the kind words.

for those interested in purchasing, we should have paypal set up for next week. otherwise send us an email at timtamtastic at yahoo dot com, and we'll work something out.

otherwise, we'll be performing in boone, nc on saturday. and hopefully hendersonville, nc on friday.

come hang out!

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