Carl Holmes - The Occult Establishment

1. Cellophane Lung
2. Mar Kardad
3. Of Bird
4. Eight Pointed Star
5. To See How You Are Made
6. Pahndy

If the "Occult" for some reason shed it's earthy image and found itself buried inside of an electronics switch board this would be the soundtrack. Although, the original meaning of the occult, before suburban teens were wearing fake fangs and hanging out at Hot Topic, was that the truth is often hidden in plain view. This paradox is what lies at the heart of this CD-R. We must look past the obvious to see what lies behind it.

The main thrust of the CD-R is uptempo, pulsating drones. Straying from the typical formula of electronic noise albums, The Occult Establishment doesn't go off the deep end with abrasive, dark sounds. The pulsating drones, while being somewhat intense in their tempo, are serene in their repetition. Eventually, you will get hit with a blast of screaming high pitches or or deep-end oscillations of the theme, but for the most part, the songs speak to a certain serenity. The truth behind what appears to be atonal noise music.

While the pulses may also seem to drive the tracks forward, their repetition speaks to a kind of stasis, creating an ambient atmosphere in what would otherwise appear to be noise glitches. When you get hit with the few chords that break the tension of the surface, they all fuzz and crackle with their own unique voice. When you break the surface and look within you hear and see the individuality of each voice and the truth to which that speaks to.



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