Megabats - In/Out (Debacle Records, 2009)


A psych duo from Washington. Two brahs figuring shit out. We get to hear them figuring it out in real-time on In/Out.

If you check out your myspace, you see some props given to Peaking Lights and the Fuck Buttons, both of whose influence you will quickly hear. Simply put, you get the sweet lulling psychedelic harmony of the former and the driving percussion of the latter. The album works well as a whole because it seamlessly flows around driving noise, psychedelic melodies and sweeping drone-scapes, never an easy task to combine.

The album starts off with a two fuzzed out, complimentary synths, exploring small changes in notes and tone, but mostly just droning out into infinity. Battleground Sky is where it really picks up (perfect song name, too). Lower end synth pads lay down a rhythm while a fuzzed our higher end synth weaves in and out of it. Meanwhile a slow but persistent drum beat builds, pushing the song further. At some point or another they all peak in gentle ecstasy. The middle of the album has moments of contemplation, excitedness and just sweeping synth peaks. It all leads up to a epic closer in Canopy fire, that drives into your head with a repetitive synth line while an ebb and flow of fuzz drowns in and out. It all ends with a driving beat as the synth lines get looser and looser, eventually wrapping around each other and the drums to form a unified wall of glorious noise sounds.

If this is figuring stuff out, I can't wait to hear what they come up with when it's all said and done. Highly recommended.



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