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San Kazakgascar - Idle Ships (Lather, 2009)

Idle Ships is the second LP from San Kazakgascar. Single artist? Full band sneakily going with a full name moniker? Try a full band named after a country. A country they made up themselves. Chew on that for a while, Steely Dan.

This being my first trip to the land of San Kazakgascar I was only prepared for it's mix of Eurasian and Western colonialism, but didn't notice the main exports were wheat textiles and face melting. It became apparent soon enough when the deep, cleanly recorded (this is kind of novel for me) strings of indeterminate origin cut into echoed vocals and drop into a dark jam, the meandering solo clarinet speaking to the eastern vibes they are putting forth via classic rock instrumentation.

I felt the jamming on this was definitely the best part, though I don't know how much was composed and how much was real jamming. Yes, it will remind you of incense and turkish bazaars and all that other crap that has nothing to do with the actual playing. I …

Impose Best Artists of 2009

Sorry, but I checked into a couple of the bands above. LAME! Are there any good music review sites out there. I'm tired of hearing these gay bands who think making a bunch of sounds makes them "original". Try some melody. I like all types of music, but this is crap.


-Freedom Westmoreland

Tonstartssbandht - Dick Nights (Dœs Are 2009)

Tonstartssbandht is one of the best new bands to emerge from this year. It are the project of two brothers, Andy and Edwin. With the release of their new LP "Dick Nights," they have asserted themselves as one of the premier psych/noise bands. They exploded onto the scene earlier this year with the release of "An When." Dick Nights is clearly their most mature release out of the two previously released this year.

Dick Nights starts off strong and keeps your attention throughout. The tape weaves in and out of psych madness and beautifully layered vocal harmonies. Songs like "Haughty Deb" and "Subtropic Gleme Rock" immediately grab your attention with heavy drone bliss. "Tahiti Nui" provides a stark contrast with a lighter "tropical" tone with instrumentation that I am guessing is a ukulele. The album finishes strong with the at times ambient "Yo A.J.J Hess" and the album closer "Mimi Vari."