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Milvia Son Records

I just got a great package from this new label based out of Berkely, California. So without further ado, lets jump in and check it out.

First up is a 4 song 7 inch 2 side 10 minute sampler. It starts with a warped bit of what seems like orchestral space rock balladry. Recorded by Bob Franklin (whom you will see again in the post) when, after an accident, all he could do was play with a turntable and sing, which is apparently all he had when he made this track. Such a warm, Jerry Garcia tinge to his voice.

Our next sample is from Jaki Jakizawa, playing a minimalist clucking of no melody electronics and Korg action. Very free noise type improv, with a hint of that cosmic mind space additive. Not harsh in the least, but also not one of those bright or pretty drone soundscapes. A sound collage of computer life and pillaged recordings. Look out for an upcoming 12" by Jaki on the Milvia Son imprint.

Flipping to the B side we get Bad Drumlin Grass, another band we will be discuss…