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Robert Turman - Chapeter Eleven (2010 Reissue, Hanson)

If “hypnagogic pop” is a reimagining of our early memories from the late 70s and early 80s, what is it called when someone was making the same music, but actually in the late 70s and early 80s? Not that I am defining Robert Turman’s work within as stupid a classification as hypnagogic pop, but besides the somewhat shoddy recording quality, you would think that this was put on tape in the year 2010, even though the collection ranges from 1975-1986.

Turman seemed to have taken over where the last of the great synth based kraut artists left off in the 70s, infusing the spiritual meditation music with his own brand of loop hypnosis, slowly moving drones, industrial patterns, guitar fuzz and even some in-your-face 80s style synth work.
Some seriously great reissues have been put out this year, but this is probably the least hyped from where I'm standing, and it fits perfectly with new releases while surpassing them in many ways. I don’t know how well known Turman is in any circle (if …