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Technical Space Composer’s Crew – Canaxis 5 (1969, Music Factory)

recording is a seminal one in my little historic endeavor given that it is
the first purely experimental sound album (no instruments, I am pretty
sure) that I’ve included. Furthermore, it is probably the most fitting of
the description I gave this project and would definitely be a top 10 if my
list and ambitions were that diminutive. It is easily one of the most
innovative recordings ever, has an untold influence on avant-garde music
and is off of most people’s radar.

Now, a lot of people are aware of the band CAN, and not just those types of
people who like out there sound, they’re just universally accepted as
bad-ass. Holger Czukay is known by most people who have an interest in CAN
as one of the founding fathers, a fantastic bassist and possibly even more
impressive sound engineer. Czukay was very prolific in his own solo work
with sound collage as well, but Canaxis 5 predates them all. As a student
of the OG of electronic music himself, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Czukay began

Les Rallizes Denudes ? Live ’77 (Rivista Inc, 1991)

Les Rallizes Denudes, 裸のラリーズ (Hadaka No Rallizes), Fucked Up and Naked, no matter what the language, this is the ultimate cult band. Members involved with terrorist plots, playing with amp stacks “30 meters high” at a middle school while handing out communist/nihilist propaganda to the students, shows that were the Exploding Plastic Inevitable x11, and nearly all of their releases being either homemade tapes or CDs, and mostly just bootlegs of live shows from fans….yup, LRD have remained the kings of underground experimental music in Japan, a country that has no deficiency in producing these types. I guess it partly comes from the wild, almost mythological aura surrounding the band and their leader Mizutani Takashi, but the main thrust has to be the fact that they present some of the heaviest, most progressive sounds, and thus the most copied sounds, of their era. When Mizutani started the band in the late 60s he was inspired mainly by The Velvet Underground, who at the time were one…