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Farrah Abraham - My Teenage Dream Ended (Who Gives A Shit, 2012)

Can't believe I'm actually going to review this, but here comes the turd in the punchbowl.

Album in a vaccuum:

-Really bad.

Album in context:

-Still really bad.

Album as unintended performance art:

-Incredibly boring

Album as a spring board for over-intellectualized music writing that is the equivalent of JO'ing to yourself in the mirror:

-Insanely insufferable.

I'm not one who needs music to conform to popular standards, trust me, but this is just wanky beyond belief. She's not painting broad, expressionistic strokes with her lyrical imagery, she's just a bad lyricist with a limited vocabulary. Her music isn't a satire of electronic dance pop. It's very earnestly trying to be good, which in terms of the genre she is shooting for, it's actually really bad. She's not trying to put her soul on record or challenge our notions of music and art, she's trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame. It's not a peephole into American culture…