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Jooklo Danish Group - Mixture of Energies (Holidays Records, 2012)

Limited to 200, glow-in-the-dark vinyl

Jooklo Danish Group is one of many incarnations featuring Italian musicians Virginia Genta and David Vanzan, otherwise known as the Jooklos. This LP is aptly released under this new moniker, as it includes two Danish musicians, Johns Lunds on baritone sax and Maria Bertel on amplified trombone. Genta and Vanzan typically approach albums as a duo, with Genta on the alto or tenor sax and Vanzan playing every kind of drum or percussion instrument he can find. From what I know, they are self-trained musicians whose output is more a force of power than it is mind-numbing exercises in theory or instrument virtuosity. What they make is modern fire music, and they do it quite well. However, the Jooklos often extend their group to include like-minded musicians. Unlike many groups that have a defined aesthetic and incorporate other musicians into that fold regularly, the Jooklos often form their groups based on the strengths of whom they are playing with. …

Joelle Leandre & Jordan Bordellon (Relative Pitch Records, 2012)

Jazz and improv musicians have consistently been some of the most adventurous in terms of instrumentation/lineup choices in modern music. Due to this, the concept of the duo lineup has been an incredibly rich source of excellent explorations into the composed and the improvised. The reason, I believe, is it is the only circumstance where you have two musicians creating a dialog. It is not a single voice or a varied crowd, but two musicians directly communicating with each other, for better or worse. This was originally, in our preferred vein of jazz, a reason to get together a drummer and someone on reeds to just spend the course of an LP blowing or drumming their brains out. Exhibitions in technical ability and unrestrained free playing were the norm and were highly effective, but naturally, the musicians began to experiment and forge new musical conversations based on different paradigms.

Two of these artists are present on this CD. Joelle Leandre should be recognizable to most of …