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Arthur Doyle, Takashi Mizutani, Sabu Toyozumi - Live In Japan 1997 (Qbico, 2003)

Arthur Doyle is a free jazz legend, his now (relatively) famous 1978 LP "Alabama Feeling" goes for upwards of $500 (when you can actually find it for sale) and is listed by Thurston Moore as one of his favorite free jazz record of all time. Doyle is a wild man on the sax, taking even the fiery playing of guys like Albert Ayler and pushing it to its breaking point, for better or worse. Takashi Mizutani is best known for his work with Les Rallizes Denudes, possibly the most fabled and best of all psychedelic Japanese rock bands, which says a lot. Mizutani basically took what bands like The Velvet Underground were doing with their multi-media shows and turned it up to 11, while simultaneously creating a formula that generations of psychedelic and hard rock, even noise, bands would emulate all over the world. His guitar work is one of the most copied styles out there. Part of Mizutani and LRD's appeal is their extreme aversion to creating anything commercially viable (most …