Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review for a forgotten album

Rippiling waves of synth drone, high pitched strings giving way to bellowed vocals. It begins very displaced before the strings begin to give slow melodic form to the cosmic droning.

singular drone slowly building and oscillating errant electronics sneak in before several low pitch drones come through glitched voices even some guitars cutting through the mist slowly fades out into warm rustic acoustic guitar strings and looped field recordings, slightly longer than the short first half.

second LP

weirdo outsider folk played on a guitar with a few blown out strings somehow playing pretty melodies with songs of tales of trauma and lamentful woed memories

can go through inner space crooning to damaged jamming storytelling romps earthy hymns of psychedelic goo

free improv jamming with feedback into melodic finger picking into slowly growing vocal

meandering rags

nonchalant reimaginins of jerry garcia brutally frank


spacey orchestral pop joke?

bleepy bloops with some overall computer cpme to life through atonal notes and no time signatures, children speaking, heavy synth fuzz

sick jazzy freak outs over heavy snare and tom pounding

-Hermione Marquis

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