My name is Greg and I write things.  This blog is a collection of things I have written that do not totally embarrass me...yet.  My ideas on music are also published online at the Free Jazz Collective and Impose Magazine.

This blog started as a typical music blog, i.e. a conduit for copyright infringement.  Looking back, I'm not sure what the point of that ever was.  I guess I liked attention.

Then this blog became about me sharing my taste in music, which again seemed pointless, but afforded some kind of cultural cache (at least in my mind).  Yeah, I still wanted attention.

The other thing is that the title of this blog is the subtitle of a Michael Hanneke film.  It seemed like a good name for a blog, or a collection of short stories, maybe, but now I feel like one of those awful people who appropriates something obscure as if it were an original creation.  I'm open to new blog titles, basically.  Still, I love attention.

So now, the blog has reached its logical, most boring conclusion, as a place for my writing.  This is now going to include literature and essays along with the music criticism/album reviews that you've come to know and love.

I'd like to take said writing more seriously and continue to improve at it, and this blog is...somehow part of that?  More than a lazy, laughable attempt at posterity?  Probably not.  There is the whole thing about attention...

Anyway, the world is a shitty place.  Lets write about the decay and be forgiven for our complicity.

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